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星期三, 2月 16, 2005

Palm School Board backs foreign language study at more elementary schools

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
By Lois K. Solomon2005-02-16

Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Feb. 14--On a cold, windy day, Orchard View Elementary teacher Jean Bayol asks his students to describe the weather.

"Il fait mauvais," they explain. "It's bad outside."

Bayol speaks to his kindergartners at the Delray Beach school in French only. The students spend mornings learning basic math, science and language skills in French, and in the afternoon, those skills are reinforced in English.

Touting the success of dual-language schools such as Orchard View, the School Board wants 81 more elementary schools to add foreign language instruction as early as next year. Only 19 elementary schools teach foreign languages now: 14 Spanish, four French and one Italian.
Gove Elementary in Belle Glade, an A-rated school in an impoverished neighborhood, is having similar success, but with Spanish. Students spend half the day learning core subjects in Spanish and the rest of the day learning in English. Many of the students also learn French.

At Gove, 58 percent of students speak Spanish as their native language.

"There's such an advantage to having a child who speaks another language read in their own language and transfer that information into English," said Gove Principal Anne Turner, who has been giving tours recently to representatives of schools in Pinellas County and Kentucky who want to start similar programs.

Numerous studies have shown that early acquisition of a foreign language helps develop the brain in areas that process information, leading to improved skills in core subjects. In 1998, a Georgia State University researcher found children who spent 30 minutes a day on a foreign language performed better on math and reading tests. Other studies have shown the best time to get near-native pronunciation is before age 10, when the brain is highly receptive to new words and sounds.

Almost a third of American public and private elementary schools taught a foreign language in 1999, up from 22 percent in 1989, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Applied Linguistics. But some of those schools have been dropping their instructors, thinking they can't afford a language teacher when there is so much pressure to perform on standardized tests in math and reading. The center encourages those schools to keep their programs, said Nancy Rhodes, director of the foreign language education division.

"Studying a foreign language [increases] your native language skills and doesn't detract from other subjects," Rhodes said.

In Florida, only 3 percent of elementary schools offer foreign language instruction, compared with 88 percent of high schools. In Broward County, 34 elementary schools teach Spanish, while three offer French, Italian or Japanese.

"There's no question that dual-language instruction broadens critical-thinking skills and forces you to organize your thinking if you learn it early," Palm Beach County School Board member Bill Graham said. The problem, Graham said, is that the state, which funnels money to schools, offers no money for elementary foreign language teachers.

Schools have to figure out their own ways to pay for the teachers, said Margarita Pinkos, executive director of the district's multicultural education program. Several schools already have done this: Plumosa Elementary in Delray Beach has a grant to pay for an Italian instructor, while Timber Trace Elementary in Palm Beach Gardens plans to use a volunteer next year to teach Spanish.

Pinkos plans to form a committee of principals soon to brainstorm an assortment of ways schools can add foreign language instruction.

"We are studying all the data there is on dual-language programs," Pinkos said. "Hopefully we'll be able to write a good study on it ourselves in the coming years."

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