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星期一, 2月 28, 2005

中大語言風波 香港前路縮影



  The campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong is (1) embroiled in an (2) uproar over the course of internationalization and the expansion of English as medium of instruction. Some students even used "weeping for Chinese University" to describe their feeling. They are worried that the university's forty-year-old Chinese tradition will be rewritten. Actually, Chinese University at the crossroads is Hong Kong (3) writ small. With our role as the China's only window to the outside world gone, we too face the problem of repositioning and development.


  Of course Chinese University should continue to uphold its mission of promoting traditional Chinese culture. But to maintain its edge (保持領先) amid fierce competition and to retain its leading role in the international arena, the university has to effectively implement its role as a coordinator of East and West. By broadening its teaching and researching in the Chinese field and by strengthening its international liaison and intercommunication, the university can promote Chinese culture to the world. Only by so doing can the university continue to play its role as a vital academic bridge for East and West, and broaden its horizon for development.

  Hong Kong economy is in a similar predicament (困境). Before the 90s, Hong Kong was the mainland's only window to the outside world, and monopolized the economic benefit in the trade between China and the West. But with China fast opening up, many mainland cities have also become windows to the outside world. Hong Kong has lost its advantage as the only window. As Chinese University has to (4) brace itself for fierce competition, Hong Kong too has to go into combat mode (打拼). Only by enhancing our knowledge of China, by strengthening our international connection, can we regain our role as a vital bridge in the trade between China and the West.
  (1) embroil —— 動詞,「捲入,陷入」,例如:"They embroiled Peter in their quarrel." 他們將彼得捲入他們的爭論中。
  (2) uproar —— 名詞,「風波,騷動」,例如:"The book caused an uproar in France." 該書在法國引起軒然大波。
  (3) writ small —— 慣用語,「縮影」,例如:"The president's speech can be seen as his national policy writ small." 總統的演詞可說是他國家政策的縮影。"Writ large" —— 「擴大」,例如:"Confucianism sees the country as family writ large." 儒家認為國是家的擴大。
  (4) brace —— 動詞,「振作」,例如:"Brace yourself for a new challenge!" 振作迎接新挑戰!



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